Please ensure your timesheet is submitted before 12 noon on Tuesdays, for the previous week’s assignment.
It should be completed in full with your sales and include a Department or Account Manager’s signature.
We can only process your timesheet if we receive it in good time and in a legible format. Please double check that we have received it. Remember, faxes aren’t always reliable and it’s easy to forget to attach a scanned document to emails. A confirmation report does not guarantee we have received your document.
For peace of mind, keep a copy of every timesheet for your records, allowing you to cross reference the unique number with your pay slip to check your weekly wages.
Please do not photocopy your timesheet, always download and use a new one with a unique identity number.

Download your timesheet here.


We know your pay is important to you!
We strive to offer a matchless payroll service, to ensure you are paid the correct amount, on time.
If you spot any mistakes, please contact us immediately. This will allow us to rectify any errors quickly and painlessly.
If your tax looks wrong we will work with you to make sure you are on the best tax code possible. Sending in a P45 for the current tax year helps, or a signed P46.
Our Tax Office details are:
Employer reference no:073/ZA32199
Tel No:0300 200 3300



From September 2013, KeyFirst as a trading name of KeyFirst Limited has been part of the NEST pension scheme and takes pension contributions from you as part of government legislation to help people save for their retirement.
You will receive further information if you qualify to make contributions (this is linked to your age and earnings levels) and KeyFirst will contribute to your retirement pot as well!
For further information visit:

Your Zone, Your Voice

Because this is your zone, we want you to feel at home here. We’d like you to share your thoughts about what it’s like working for us.
Is there anything you think we could improve? Do you have ideas about how to make us even better? What do you love about us? Don’t just tell your friends and colleagues, please tell us, too!

Refer a friend

Get paid for telling your friends how great we are and introducing them to work for us.
Refer a friend- Please look on our social network when this scheme is active as it could earn you extra money too! e.g promotional work and Christmas period.